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The Personalization Revolution

As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming more and more apparent that a significant transformation is occurring. I call it the Personalization Revolution.

What is the personalization revolution?

I define it as the ability to monitor your health, finances and fitness energy level in real, or very close to real time, in order to live a prosperous and abundant life. Having this information readily available will allow you, as an individual, to seek out the necessary care, should one of those areas of your life be out of balance.

How this changes everything

The personalization revolution will change absolutely everything in terms of how we interact with each other, deal with professionals and understand the world at large. Many traditional organizations will find this revolution very challenging as they believe they know what is best their client base or prospects. In reality, empowered individuals know themselves and their situation better than the institutions do and organizations need to get a better understanding of individual challenges before devising solutions.In healthcare, the patients will learn to take care of themselves, utilizing as they see fit the necessary monitoring tools that can be shared with trusted professionals.

It is my personal belief that we are going to be much more diligent in seeking out these professionals and rely on judgement and referrals from those we know and trust. Unfortunately many professionals have placed the security of the existing system in place ahead of providing proper attention/care for client. Empowered individuals value honesty and integrity on the same level of the price of doing business with said professional or organization. In other words, empowered individuals will gladly pay more to a professional that acts with honesty, integrity and knowledge as opposed to one that possesses the same amount of knowledge but possesses questionable honesty and integrity.

The role of professionals

Doctors and health care workers will regain their role as healers to ensure that the patient is not dependent on the system, but rather living a healthy prosperous life. The doctor will no longer bear the burden and responsibility for the life of the patient, as it will be up to the patient to take ownership over his or her decisions. The trusted health care worker will be one that shares and transfers knowledge that allow the patient to make the best decision. The patient will also learn not to place the burden of his or her ill health on the doctor, and the doctor will be more open to questions and ideas coming from the patient.

The transformation is already starting to take place in the sales profession, as organizations are looking for a robust solution to their problems, rather than the latest hardware device with bells and whistles or a software app. The best sales professionals are already taking the role of a trusted advisor that is happy to share his wisdom and take the time to educate the client.

Professionals or specialists will take on the role of coaches with deep knowledge in particular areas such as accounting in tax law, or law in patent writing. There are certain areas in life for which we will have to rely on such specialists when our personal alignment is out of balance.

More free time

The personalization revolution will allow us, as individuals, to have more free time to spend with family, to travel the world and pursue our goals and aspirations in life. This is because people will be keenly aware of all of their major life indicators at their finger tips and be able to adjust accordingly. Fundamentally, it still involves individuals taking personal responsibility for their lives and not relying on others for their successes or blaming external factors on their failures.

Those that embrace the personalization revolution will be able to find their true calling in life and be able to fulfill their ultimate dreams as the burden of daily grind is released.

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