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In Canada, doctors and nurses are busier than ever, faced with a medicare system that is barely sustainable. Provinces are in the midst of cutting by millions (and sometimes billions) from the healthcare system. Instead of eliminating much needed jobs and staff, NU Frontier strives to develop strategic solutions that will allow health care workers to maximize their time.

We work with healthcare management to better understand workflow on a patient-centric level. Much of the pertinent data and information that can facilitate the challenges of the healthcare worker and patient are found in legacy systems that are difficult to access. Through proper technical understanding of where the pertinent data lies and how to get access it, NU Frontier can simplify processes and in some cases automate or semi-automate laborious work. With our software partners, we have connectors to the legacy systems that can extract pertinent relevant data and merge it modern day systems.

Our goal is to simplify the lives of the overburdened health care workers so that they can focus their efforts on what they do best. Unnecessary paper work and forms to fill out are keeping our talented health care practitioners from delivering the ​desired​ health care and ​attention​​ ​necessary in the healing process of patients.