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As a CIO/CTO, your role ranges from maintaining your infrastructure and keeping systems running, to repairing whatever is not working and plugging security holes. It is very difficult for you to become proactive and assist marketing with its needs. Your staff is typically maxed out, working long hours just to keep the business running.

At NU Frontier, we understand your pain and are able to assist in cultivating the role of the Chief Digital Office (CDO), if one is not already in place. The CDO is responsible for designing processes and strategies to extract pertinent data from varying sources in order to best personalize the user experience with your clients. An example of that would be a healthcare organization, which has full access to its patients tests and results over the past 5 years. With this information at hand, the healthcare specialist saves a great deal of time trying to retrieve all of his patient's history, and can therefore focus on the task at hand, which is to treat his patient and administer the proper care. Electronic Medical Records (EMR)s are becoming more prevalent within healthcare organizations however they are not always well implemented or healthcare practitioners are not properly trained to use them.