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Infrastructure Audits

Too often organizations do not have up to date understanding of their existing IT Infrastructure. One of the many benefits of the audit is to provide the client with an initial roadmap towards the development of a more robust yet flexible environment. The resulting report produces recommendations to significantly gain in efficiencies and reduce costs. NU Frontier specialises in developing reports based on comprehensive technology infrastructure assessments/audits.



Data is the lifeblood of your company. Without proper measures being taken, a disaster or hack attempt could result in significant financial losses. NU Frontier works with established partners to understand your environment and present preventive security solutions to mitigate risks. NU Frontier provides software, education and best practices to ensure peace of mind.


Managed Services

NU Frontier provides Managed Services (MSP) to monitor laptops, workstations, servers and network equipment. We have the experience and qualifications to handle almost any situation imaginable and correct it in accordance with industry best practice standards for security and configuration. Our onsite and off-site hybrid model is customized to meet your organization's needs.