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CMO/Director of Marketing

As a CMO/Director of Marketing, you​r mandate is to figure out the best way to best personalize the client experience to engage in one-to-one communications​ between brand and client. In order to properly do so, you need access to the data, but have no idea where it is and how to access it. You are placing demands on IT, but they are backed up with security issues, new rollouts of applications, etc. You are excited about the possibilities and know that this is the way of the future, but you do not know how to go about it and make things work.

Set up a meeting with​ NU Frontier and we can discuss with you how to overcome your challenges. We have the capabilities of performing a full internal audit of your systems and work directly with your CIO in order to better understand the technical challenges. We have partnerships with the leading Customer Communications Management software organizations and can introduce tools to you and your CIO, which will facilitate the extraction of data and allow you to being your targeted marketing campaign.